smart water valve


No-Flo is a water leak monitoring system that when a leak is detected activates an automated shut off valve to help keep water damage to a minimum.
The valve and monitor are provided as one unit, the valve to be fitted by a qualified plumber, the monitor plugged into the mains.
The sensors are then deployed to potential areas of water leakage, and then configured to your app.
Setting the monitor to your Wi-Fi allows away from home operation and alerts when a leak triggers a sensor.

The benefits of

Water monitoring

Remote monitoring & control of water supply and visibility of historical notifications.

Flexible placement

No-flo sensors can be placed wherever they are needed – under pipework, appliances and general plumbing.

Solenoid Valve

Approved solenoid valves can be auto-controlled via sensors and manually controlled via switches & the app.

Take Control of your Water

No-flo can control whole house or single room water supply via sensors, app & switch.

the companion phone app

The no-flo app allows you to set up your no-flo system and view the status anywhere you have an internet connection..

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