Kozee is a range of smart home automation products based around a patented energy harvesting light switch – a switch that works from human touch, doesn’t need any wiring and doesn’t require any batteries.  Hard to believe, but true!

The range includes a device for receiving signals from the switches.  This receiver is wired behind a light fitting and has the capability of connecting to your WiFi to offer remote access.  Alexa and Google Home can also be enabled giving you voice control of your home lighting system.

The energy harvesting switches are available in more than one style, and utilise a patented EnOcean energy harvester.  The range of energy harvesting, wire- and battery-free products also includes a PIR movement sensor and a multi-sensor capable of monitoring light levels, temperature and relative humidity.

The Kozee range includes a battery-operated flood water sensor which is just as simple to use and versatile in it’s positioning as the switches, and more products are constantly being added, so keep in touch!

The benefits of


No Batteries, no Wires

Kozee switches use kinetic energy powered by pressing the switch, so that you don’t need any batteries or wires.

Flexible placement

Kozee switches can be placed wherever they are needed – on the wall, on furniture or on a table.

Energy Harvesting

Press a Kozee switch, electro-mechanical energy converter is activated and sends a BLE signal.

Take Control of your Lighting

Kozee switches can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, all luminaires in a network or scene



the companion phone app

The Kozee app not only allows you to turn your lights on & off anywhere you have an internet connection, it provides the flexibility to control who has access to your Kozee system, and allows you to add more switches and sensors.

Our product road map will shortly deliver Alexa & Google Home integration enabling voice control of your lights & spoken updates from your sensors.

Sensors from

Solar Power

Wherever there is light tiny solar cells can harvest this source of energy for a broad range of battery-less sensors.

Multi Sensor

Kozee multi-sensor measures temperature, humidity, illumination or acceleration / orientation.


Self-powered sensor that monitors the environment for movement plus measures ambient light level.

Water Flood Detector

The water flood sensor from can be placed under any appliance or pipe to indicate early leaks.