Kozee is a range of smart home automation products based around a patented energy harvesting light switch – a switch that works from human touch, doesn’t need any wiring and doesn’t require any batteries.  Hard to believe, but true!

The range includes a device for receiving signals from the switches.  This receiver is wired behind a light fitting and has the capability of connecting to your WiFi to offer remote access.  Alexa and Google Home can also be enabled giving you voice control of your home lighting system.

The energy harvesting switches are available in more than one style, and utilise a patented EnOcean energy harvester. 

No-Flo is a water leak monitoring system that when a leak is detected activates an automated shut off valve to help keep water damage to a minimum.

The valve and monitor are provided as one unit, the valve to be fitted by a qualified plumber, the monitor plugged into the mains.

The sensors are then deployed to potential areas of water leakage, and then configured to your app.

Setting the monitor to your Wi-Fi allows away from home operation and alerts when a leak triggers a sensor.

More products are constantly being added, so keep in touch!

Product Range